Guitar Models

Custom handcrafted guitars are special. Each one, by its very nature, is a unique instrument. As a luthier, it is my task to insure that each one of my guitars, while individual in nature, conforms to the rigorous standards and demands that my clientele and I require.

Most of my guitars are built to order. This allows me to find out a guitarist's preferences, so I can construct the guitars accordingly. Some preferences, such as optional woods or tuners, will result in additional charges.

I build five basic types of guitars, four of which are classicals. The classicals include the Concert model 6-string, the Janet Marlow Entry Model 10-string, the Concert model 10-string, and the Zen. The remaining model is the Fingerstyle steel-string acoustic, which I have designed specifically for the classical player who likes the comfort of a wider neck.

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